Clients describe my bodywork as quiet, flowing, peaceful and effective at enabling them to relax into the session. Thus allowing them to release tensions and long held patterns.

My bodywork is a nonviolent practice that aims to support the bodies natural defenses.  Supporting defenses allows you to let go of unhelpful tension and past injuries. Thus freeing up your body for new experiences and ways of being.

Many of us are limited physically and mentally by our habitual patterns of being. Bodywork allows more physical space which can lead to more mental spaciousness as well. Since I am also a trained counsellor I can help you deal with any emotional or life issues that arise as a result.

I trained in the USA as a massage therapist on a 550 contact hour course. In addition, I am trained in Hospital, Oncology, Shiatsu and Orothobionomy massage.

My wide experience gives me a range of options to customize the bodywork session to suit your individual needs.