About Tom

I followed a winding 12 year path through meditation, QiGong and martial arts culminating in my training in both Hakomi Mindfulness-Based Counselling and Bodywork in 2006. 

During my massage/bodywork training I specialized in Oncology massage and am sharing my skills as a complementary therapist by volunteering with cancer patients at the Macmillan Cancer trust.

My interest in mindfulness lead me to Vipassana meditation. Where I have attended many 10 day Vipassana retreats and spent a year managing a Vipassana meditation centre in the UK.

Prior to moving to the UK I was a seasonal worker in various outdoor jobs around the world: Wild-land Firefighter, Tree-planter, Organic Farmer, Gardener, Wildlife Biologist, Fisheries Observer, Wilderness trekking trail maintainer.

When I am not working as a therapist, I teach Horticulture to Special Education Needs teenagers in a special school and live in Brighton with my wife.

Degree, Professional Courses and Trainings

Degree level

  • BSc, Wildlife Biology – 1991- University of Missouri
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education- 2016 -University of Winchester


Professional Courses

  • Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy training (400 hours)- 2006 (Mindful Experiential Therapy Association in Portland, Oregon, USA). M.E.T.A
  • Massage Therapy course¬† (550 hour)- 2005 (Oregon School of Massage) Oregon School of Massage
  • I was a fully Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon, USA, prior to moving to the UK in 2008.


Specialization Trainings

  • Orthobionomy- stage 4 – 2005- Oregon School of Massage
  • Hospital and Oncology massage 2005 – Oregon School of Massage
  • Shiatzu – 2005 – Oregon School of Massage
  • Oncology Massage – CPD training – 2017 – MacMilllian’s Cancer Trust
  • Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy – CPD training Feb 2017- Hakomi Education Network, London HEN
  • Hakomi Method of Psychotherapy – CPD training Mar 2017- Hakomi Education Network, London HEN