Welcome to Mind and Body based therapy in Brighton and Hove. I offer Hakomi Mindfulness Based Somatic Counselling and Bodywork from a convenient central Brighton location. You can choose an individual course of counselling, a bodywork session or a combination of the two therapies, whichever suits your time and needs.

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Mindfulness Based Counselling

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Mindfulness Counselling in Brighton and Hove

I offer Hakomi mindfulness based counselling and/or physical bodywork in Brighton and Hove for people who are facing psychological or physical challenges.
Hakomi Counselling, as Ron Kurtz, Hakomi’s founder, describes it:
“Is not about talking out your problems. There won’t be long speculative conversations about your troubles or your history. Hakomi is designed to assist you in studying the process that automatically create and maintain the person you have become. It is a method of assisted self study. It requires that you enter into short periods of time where you become calm and centered enough to observe your reactions, as if you were observing the behavior of another person, a state called


The therapist assists your self study by creating little experiments while you are in mindfulness. The experiments are always nonviolent and are designed to evoke reactions that reflect the habits and beliefs that make you who you are. The unconscious beliefs and relationship habits with which you meet the world automatically shape your present behavior.

The process works best:

1) If you can follow and report on your present experience.
2) If your able to get into a calm, inward focused state and are relaxed enough to allow reactions.
3) If your willing to experience some painful feelings and speak about them.
4) If you have the courage to be open and honest about your experience.
That courage will be you greatest ally.”

Have a look around my site, check out the video’s and latest posts. I am located near the Brighton rail station. Very convenient for all public transport. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Tom: 07588333765



Clients describe my bodywork as quiet, flowing, peaceful and effective at enabling them to relax into the session. Thus allowing them to release tensions and long held patterns.

My bodywork is a nonviolent practice that aims to support the bodies natural defenses.  Supporting defenses allows you to let go of unhelpful tension and past injuries. Thus freeing up your body for new experiences and ways of being.

Many of us are limited physically and mentally by our habitual patterns of being. Bodywork allows more physical space which can lead to more mental spaciousness as well. Since I am also a trained counsellor I can help you deal with any emotional or life issues that arise as a result.

I trained in the USA as a massage therapist on a 550 contact hour course. In addition, I am trained in Hospital, Oncology, Shiatsu and Orothobionomy massage.

My wide experience gives me a range of options to customize the bodywork session to suit your individual needs.


Cancer Massage

Cancer Massage

Cancer Massage
Working with a client in the USA

Cancer massage can be a great way to treat yourself when you are going through the cancer treatment process. If you are suffering as a result of cancer treatments I can help you relax in a safe, gentle, supportive environment. As a trained counsellor, I am available if you want to talk about anything that worries you.

I am specifically trained and experienced in Oncology massage. As part of my training I worked with patients on the bone marrow transplant unit at Oregon State University hospital. So am familiar with the difficulties patients face.

When not in the office, I volunteer my time at MacMillan’s Horizon centre at the Royal Sussex Hospital giving massages to cancer patients. If you are unfamiliar with MacMillan’s support services, I suggest you take a look at their website MacMillan’s Horizon Centre .